Thilana Synor

Supercoole Kriegerin mit awesomen zwei Krummsäbeln


Name: Thilana Synor

Mensch, Krieger Level 1,


Str 17 +3
Dex 16 +3
Con 17 +3
Wis 14 +2
Cha 9 -1
Int 15 +2

HP: 13, 1d10
AC: 16

Proficiencies +2
Armor: All Armor, Shields
Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons

Saving Throws: Str, Con

Skills Survival, Athletics, Perception, Itimidation
Tools: Land vehicles, Gaming Set
Chainmail, two scimitars,

scimitar 5, 1d63 sl; crossbow 5, 1d103 pi (100/400)

Two Weapon Fighting
Second Wind: Bonus Action +1d10+1 HP

Größe 1,82, 77 Kilo, LN
Sprache: Common, Orc
Background Soldier, Offizier in Stadtwache einer großen Stadt,
Insignia, Dagger Von Diebesbandenchef, Deck of Cards vom ersten Sold gekauft, Normale Kleidung, 10gm

Personality: Haunted by memories of war
Ideal: Ideals are not worth killing for
Bond: I want to preserve … place
Flaw: I am easy distracted by the promise of information


Thilana Synor

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