Faolán Dubhdara

Elfischer Kampfmönch auf Rachefeldzug



Male Wood Elf Monk 1

Background: Outlander (secluded monastery in the wilds)
Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 9 (-1)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 11 (+0)

Passive Perception: 15
Armor Class: 17

Initiative: +4
Speed: 35

Hit Dice: 1d8
Hit Points Maximum: 10

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Saves: Strength (+2), Dexterity (+6)

Quarterstaff: +6 to hit, 1d6+4/1d8+4 bludgeoning damage (versatile)
Shortsword: +6 to hit, 1d6+4 piercing damage
Unarmed Strike: +6 to hit, 1d4+4 bludgeoning damage
10 Darts: +6 to hit, 1d4+4 piercing damage

Skills: Acrobatics (+6), Athletics (+3), Perception (+4), Stealth (+6), Survival (+5)

Tool Proficiencies: Lute (+6), Cook's Utensils

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, Longsword, Shortsword, Longbow, Shortbow

Racial Traits: Darkvision (60 feet), Keen Senses, Fey Ancestry, Trance, Fleet of Foot, Mask of the Wild, Elf Weapon Training

Class Features: Martial Arts, Unarmored Defense

Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Elven

Background Feature: Wanderer:
You have an excellent memory for maps and geography, and you can always recall the general layout of terrain, settlements, and othher features around you. In addition, you can find food and fresh water for yourself and up to five other people each day, provided that the land offers berries, small game, water, and so forth.


Quarterstaff, shortsword, 10 darts, explorer’s pack, bear claw necklace, a set of traveler’s clothes, [local nobleman’s] glass eye and a belt pouch containing 10 gp.


Personality Traits:

If you call me too cowardly to do something, you can be sure I’ll do it!

I had to leave the monastery because of my violent anger and vengefulness.


Greater Good: I was made a living weapon to defend those who cannot defend themselves!


[Local nobleman] and his warriors killed my parents and my brother many years ago. Now I am back to have my revenge.


Now that I have returned to civilization, I have become fond of beer, wine and other intoxicants. When drunk, I always start a brawl!

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Faolán Dubhdara

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